Experienced Septic Repairs & Drain Cleaning in McVeytown, PA

Reliable Septic Service for Central PA

Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning is a small, but well-established business located in McVeytown, in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. Renno’s offers a variety of essential services to Central Pennsylvania communities, including septic tank cleaning and repairs, septic pump repair, drain and sewer cleaning, and more. Contact us for reliable septic services, both preventive and in emergencies: (717) 899-7445.

Septic Pumping & Tank Repair Service

Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning’s extensive history and experience of proper waste material handling shines in their work today. In providing septic pumping and tank repair services, customers are assured of a thorough job that is handled with an eye on the environment, a goal of getting equipment up to code and operational, a lack of spillage or other contamination, and proper transport and disposal in line with the EPA standards. Read more on our Septic Pumping & Repair page.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning from Experienced Professionals

When it comes to sewer and drain cleaning, Renno’s has the experience you need to not only handle clearing the pipes, but can also haul away the liquid and other materials that may be sitting, such as stagnant water or other waste that really has no place to go. Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning will get rid of the waste matter responsibly, and not just let it contaminate the local environment. We help keep sewers and drains clean and operational when you need them most. Read more on our Sewer & Drain Cleaning page.

Read More on our Sewer & Drain Cleaning Page

Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning has a dedicated service area. We cover an approximately 15-mile radius around McVeytown for septic repairs, pumping, and cleaning. We may also travel up to a 40-mile radius of McVeytown, as time and schedules permit. Additional mileage and travel expenses may apply.

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