Serving McVeytown, PA’s Septic Needs for Over a Decade

Bringing a Variety of Experience to Assist Our Community

Philip Renno, owner, founded his business in McVeytown in 2002 to meet the increasing demand for bulk liquid hauling and responsible manure spreading throughout the area. No newcomer to liquid and materials hauling, Philip Renno, worked for five years with Union Mill Soil Service, in Belleville, PA, prior to starting his own company. Philip also worked evenings, holidays, and weekends with the Farmer’s Milk Handling Cooperative, in Belleville, making farm pickups of milk and delivering to Dean Foods, Hershey Foods, and Land O’Lakes, of Mt. Holly Springs, PA.

Experience with Special Materials Handling

Philip takes pride in bringing effective solutions for local businesses that need to get jobs done. His employment at Union Mill Soil Service consisted of liquid waste and septic pumping, bagging dry, granular fertilizers, delivering both liquid bulk and dry corn starters and fertilizers to Mifflin, Centre, Snyder, Blair, and Huntingdon County farms. Philip also has experience with spreading dairy whey and wastewater from the former Dean Foods plant in Belleville on pastures, hay fields, and agricultural croplands as fertilizers.

Specialized materials Philip has had experience with include pumping cottage cheese from the whey tanks, pumping molasses from a Big Valley feed mill, vacuuming dry grain corn from a Reedsville grain elevator, and spraying water on a Newport, PA church parking lot undergoing paving and construction work.

Here to Serve Your Septic Needs

Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning is available to assist you with all your septic needs. We have over a decade of experience repairing septic systems, cleaning drains, and handling all aspects of keeping your septic system running properly. Services we offer include:

Septic Pump Repair
Septic System Repairs
Septic Tank Cleaning
Septic Tank Pumping
Sewer Cleaning
Drain Cleaning
Drain Opening
And More!

Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning operates lengthy hoses, heavy-duty machinery, and works with large tanks that have depth and height challenges. Renno’s maintains the continuing education and annual certifications required by law to do our work, so customers can rely on our expertise.

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