Septic Pump Repair & Septic Tank Cleaning in McVeytown, PA

Pumping Your Home’s Septic Tanks Removes Digested Sludge

Pumping your home’s septic tank removes digested sludge from building up in the bottom of the septic tank and entering the drain field, preventing costly problems down the road. While it is true that many 30- and 40-year-old leach fields are operating fine without ever pumping the septic tank, the reverse also holds true. Home occupancy and use both play a part on how often septic tanks require emptying, and it is shown to be more cost-effective to remove sludge from tanks than it is to plot for a new drain field. Regular septic service keeps pipes free of accumulated sewage and sludge for many years of regular use.

Challenge our expertise by contacting us when you need septic pump repair or quality septic pump repair. We are here in Central PA to help our neighbors in the community. Call us today: (717) 899-7445.

Septic Pump Repairs by Renno’s

Renno’s knows septic systems and what they need, so consult with us on your septic system problems. We can locate, clean, repair, and maintain a number of tank and system sizes. We handle homeowner and municipal waste holding tanks, agricultural holding tanks, and more. Renno’s can also repair or replace broken baffles within your septic system.

Central PA Septic Tank Cleaning Services

Renno’s Custom Spreading & Septic Service provides a number of ways to clean out and move liquid and waste materials. Our tank cleaning service utilizes our pressure-vac pumps. This heavy-duty machine is able to pump all sorts of liquid and liquid-mixed-with-solid contents at high pressure to get the job done. All materials removed from tanks may be deposited in another location on-site, or removed responsibly.

Patented “Crust Bust Septic Tank Agitation”

Renno’s uses the patented, Crust Bust Septic Tank Agitation on almost every tank we pump. This saves time and permits a more complete pump-out, especially on high solid content tanks and those with a heavy scum layer on top. We also use four-inch diameter suction hose on all tank pump-outs. While it is harder to handle, it does save time and allows a more complete cleanout of heavy sludge from the bottom of the septic tank. A four-inch hose handles almost double the volume per minute compared to a three-inch hose.

Distributor for Cape Cod Biochemical Products

Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning utilizes a number of chemicals and we are a distributor for Cape Cod Biochemical Products. We carry a full line, including CCLS Septic Tank Treatment, Bio-Rem E-D dry bacteria powder for drain cleaning and maintenance, and DrainMaster liquid bacteria, also used for drain cleaning and maintenance. Find out more at:

Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning is the working choice of many Central PA property owners. With more than a decade of tank cleaning and active experience moving a variety of liquids and specialty pumping projects, we have the machines and expertise to clean tanks effectively. Having pumped over 300 million gallons and cleaned over 3,000 septic tanks in our short career, we look forward to serving your liquid waste needs. All services are fairly priced, using clean, up-to-date equipment.

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