Drain & Sewer Cleaning Available Near McVeytown, PA

Common Causes of Sewage Backups, Blockages, & Build-ups

Drain cleaning by Renno’s Septic & Drain Cleaning, in Mifflin County, PA, offers drain and sewer cleaning services for customers in the McVeytown area and surrounding counties. The most common causes of sewage backups into most residential dwellings are drain field failures and blockages or build-ups in the underground pipes. These create restrictions for the septic tank to freely discharge into the drain field.

Drain Field Failures Corrected by Renno’s

Drain field failures are usually caused by neglecting to pump the septic tank periodically. This allows sludge to build up in the tank and enter the drain field. If you notice an overflowing septic tank and sewage pushing up into the riser, it is the sign of a faulty drain field.

Blockages or build-ups in the pipes usually occur where the pipe connects between the tank and house. The most common material blockage is toilet paper found in the inlet baffle of the septic tank and at the head of the pipe coming from the house to the septic tank.

Water Cannon Jetter Cleans Clogs from Drains and Pipes

Our Water Cannon Jetter drain cleaner almost always opens and cleans clogs from drains and pipes in the above-mentioned blockages and build-up situations. The most difficult aspect of drain cleaning is getting the jetter hose maneuvered around a series of 90-degree elbows. Collapsed or broken pipes may require excavation and replacement. Some blockages may be removed by vacuuming the end of the plugged pipe with our vac truck.

Build-up often results over time, from sewage traveling through the pipe entering the septic tank, and well as grease and soap scum. Regular use of Bio-Rem E-D and DrainMaster products will often prevent build-up blockages from occurring.

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